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Key West Wedding Planner-Key West Photographer-Key West Wedding Venues

Key West Wedding Planner-Key West Photographer-Key West Wedding Venues

VIDAL has been a tradition for real elegance and portraiture for over 34 years! When you hire VIDAL you are hiring the expert on Weddings & Events! This model is a true Bride from the 90’s Lisa Ernst Cherry did this sitting in Vidal Studios for her pre-bridal portraits. VIDAL then displays this portrait along with your engagement at the reception on Gallery Lit Easels! This is a service unique to VIDAL and he provides this very pesonalized and elegant feature to flank any Hall where your reception may be! So if you want the very best VIDAL is your man… work with VIDAL is a total experience that should not be missed! “If you don’t look good …. I don’t look good!” VIDAL


Happy New 2014 Throwback Thursday…Vidal Wedding Planner & Photographer!

Happy New 2014 Throwback Thursday...Vidal Wedding Planner & Photographer!

In a photo shoot here for My Model Portfolio & Promo Shots….shot by none other than Richard Watherwax (I think this man has shot me more than any other!) The Salon that did my hair at the time was John Santiago’s (named after one of Key West’s Premier and talented hairdressers) The stylist was Tina which now owns Spoil me Rotten … and WOW was I tan … I want to say that this picture goes back to 2007 but I am sure if I am wrong….someone will correct me..LOL.. and YES remember “If you don’t look good … I don’t look good!”


Dr. Richard Maloney of Naples, FL skin care line captured by the one and only VIDAL!

Dr. Richard Maloney of Naples, FL skin care line captured by the one and only VIDAL!

This is the skin care line that I have been working on with Dr. Richard Maloney of Naples Florida. He is a part of the fabulous team of Aesthetics Surgery Center with Dr. Anurag Agarwal. They are a team of beauty and beyond with their latest techniques of lasers, plastic surgery and hair restoration! Dr. Richard Maloney loving nick named “Michael Angelo” of Plastic Surgery, takes you to the top for your looks and can fix most any mistake others have made! They also have a world renown laser, in house, state of the art , to care for non surgical corrections with Dr. Richard Maloney’s name of the patent! I cannot say enough about this product line, or these talented Doctor’s, other than I used it myself for a month while I shot the product…it works! You can find them on google or facebook Aesthetic Surgery Center or look up the Doctor’s on Google! Please call 239-594-9100 and ask for Bonnie Grace the Official Office Coordinator to purchase this line! Although I recommend the whole line…you CANNOT live without the under eye cream!!! …You must take care of the skin you are in. Remember, “If you don’t look good … I don’t look good!” John Conway collaboration for photography


Vidal Wedding Planner, Model, Actor, Photographer!

Vidal Wedding Planner, Model, Actor, Photographer!

Throw this back thursdays …. no photo shop baby, this is the real deal, my modeling headshot when I VERY first grew my hair out … Tilly Lariz of the Yellowstrawberry made me a 500.00 bet that I wouldn’t grow out my hair…thanks girl! Photo was taken by Richard Watherwax, yes still in business and that day I was styled by Luana Mayer! “If you don’t look good … I don’t look good!” For all your Real Life situations….Vidal is a Key West Tradition! Over 33 years experience an still going strong, I love you Key West!


Vidal Wedding Planner Servicing Key West & beyond!

Vidal Wedding Planner Servicing Key West & beyond!

Vidal is your one stop for LIFE! Vidal means “life” and who to pick but the man with over 33 years experience in Event Planning and Photography! For your Life and the Life of your Party …. “If you don’t look good .. I don’t look good!” VIDAL


Vidal Wedding Planner..Photographer for life!

Vidal Wedding Planner..Photographer for life!

You know at times I ALWAYS remember since I was a kid all the kind gestures people did for me along the way! Sometimes I didn’t remember the material gifts, but I always remember a spiritual tool that was given to me freely to use in Life in Life’s terms! I carry this knowledge today in all that I do and all I encounter! If one life breathes easier because of me…then I am a success! Practice random acts of kindness and don’t repeat what you have done …. we have the Power to change lives for the better..One Person at A time! Peace an love my beautiful friends! Try this in traffic … take a breath…relax or even pull over..let some people pass!


Wedding Planner & Photographer-3 decades!

Wedding Planner & Photographer-3 decades!

Life is short .. Events are important! Leave you Event to the Professional who knows how to throw parties and plan them … afterwards it’s too late! Do not risk it … Let Vidal make you “Look Good!” Your dreams will come true!


Vidal Wedding Planner and Photographer-3 decades!

Vidal Wedding Planner and Photographer-3 decades!

Life is short … Events are important…leave them up to the Professional! Someone who know how t throw and Event and Plan one! The original Wedding Planner in Key West still in business & going strong after 33 years! Thanks to you!


Vidal Wedding Planner…Photographer for life!

Vidal Wedding Planner...Photographer for life!

Diamonds are an investment ….. one of the reasons the pose at a Wedding was created of the hands was to use for insurance purposes….your rings should be insured through your home owners policy. Vidal not only helps you have your rings crafted by shows you how to insure them and take care of them… There is so much more than planning a Wedding, there are details that only a truly experienced Wedding Planner can help you with! When I say a ring..I don’t mean on the phone…LOL….Vidal for all your Life Events…”If you don’t look good .. I don’t look good!”


This is what I am feeling tonight! Vidal loves you!

Some of the most incredible loves Ihave had in my life are the beautiful woman that STILL love me! We just grew into different areas but the love is and always will be there! I am so grateful for each and everyone of you … you know exactly who you are and tonight I dedicate this song to you! I will always always love you and thanks for the sweet memories that are in my heart. I shall forever keep them in my heart in this lifetime and into the next! Sincerely, Vidal


Vidal Wedding Planner Photographer, Model …

Vidal Wedding Planner Photographer, Model ...

The only photographer in the Florida Keys that truly knows both ends of the camera! For decades Vidal has brought you the best with his heart! I live and dream of this craft of creating, designing and looking my best for the Public! This photo captured by: Richard Watherwax. For all you Events, Vidal is your man, “If you don’t look good …. I don’t look good!”


Vidal Weddings & Events!

Vidal Weddings & Events!

The other point that isn’t discussed very often is that when you hire an experienced Pro (and pay more for them) you don’t just get better images. You get back-up equipment, liability insurance, professional integrity, customer service, imagination and creativity. Also someone with personality to choreograph the Event & Photo taking….smoothly!

Yesterday I dropped my $3500 camera body and $1600 lens on the concrete during a wedding. Lucky for me it didn’t break but if it had I have another one in my kit ready to go.

One of the things that makes VIDAL a great planner is that he recognizes good photography and has the interests of his client in mind. I’m a pro wedding photographer and I would have no problem letting VIDAL pick out my wedding photographer. That’s high praise. VIDAL plans from the ring to the honeymoon!


Randy Thompson always a pleasure to work with!

Randy Thompson always a pleasure to work with!

Randy always is always ready to be creative and unique…even with this day of fake pictures and photo shop….Randy and I agree enough is enough!!! Randy is really holding the orange that he made an created, not photoshop …. and I really draped him in fabric! He always comes with a positive attitude and looking flawless….my girls do not need photoshop but good lighting! Thanks for making me “Look Good!”


From the football field to a sleek sophisticated suit for Senior Pictures!

From the football field to a sleek sophisticated suit for Senior Pictures!

Donald Roberts of the graduating class of Key West High School arrived at the Studios of Vidal Key West in a sleek and sophisticated suit … wow so handsome that I opted to use this photo rather than the tux shot! It was a pleasure to work with this football great and to meet his lovely Mother Ms. Ruby and her Mother a his brother & sister ….. it was a family affair for the photo shoot but I wanted to give him this space on my daily blog! Thanks man for making me “Look Good!” call Vidal today for your appt at 305-296-6050 and remember “If you don’t look good … I don’t look good!” Vidal is the choice for Senior Photography!


A lifetime of memeories … Vidal Wedding & Events…man about town!

A lifetime of memeories ... Vidal Wedding & about town!

Kelly Castellanos sent me this photo of us ….such sweet memories! No matter what I do a Wedding, an Event, Photograher & Wedding Planner, my life would be nothing without community! I invite you all to start sending me photos of US … I will wordpress them with a little something from my heart…..Kelly thanks for the memories!


Vidal International throw back to the NYC days…from Key West the world and beyond!

Vidal International throw back to the NYC days...from Key West the world and beyond!

This really takes m back to the 1990’s when they would sometimes not hire me to model because the Agencies represented too many men with long hair! Oh if I only knew then what I know now! One thing I do know I feel I am the best to plan your Wedding, Event or Photograph it….Vidal Celebrating 33 years and still going! I love you all and my Key West loyals for making me number one!

Vidal Wedding Planner, Photographer to Monroe County, the Florida Keys & Key West

“Whether one believes in a religion or not, and whether one believes in rebirth or not, there isn’t anyone who doesn’t appreciate kindness and compassion.” ~ Dalai LamaImage


Vidal Key West Fashion & Wedding Photographer!

Vidal Key West Fashion & Wedding Photographer!

Two of the finest ever produced in Key West..Paul Tate DePoo III … and Vidal the man who has created himself to be one name…enjoying a little Fashionista break at the Wedding of Alexa & Joseph Morgan held on the Morgan Estate by the Atlantic Ocean and the Southernmost Pointe of the Continental United States of America!

Vidal Photographer for Valentiine’s Day, Wedding, All Events, Life!