Key West Photographer and Events Planner

Key West Wedding Planner

Happy birthday my beautiful friend… I cannot let the night go without telling you what an angel you are in my life… I watched you grow up and then you and I became best friends… You have many best friends and you make people feel like they’re the only ones in the world that are important… You have a fabulous gift of being beautiful not only on the outside but on the inside… You are the embodiment of what community is all about… we live together we laugh together we cry together… We are Key West… I haven’t watched grow into the fabulous woman that you are today… I feel comfortable enough to say that everyone that knows you absolutely adores you… I can never tell you all the love that you give to my heart is so greatly appreciated… You are a good friend, a good Daughter, a Wonderful Wife, one hell of a Mother, a wonderful worker, Sister, Cousin, Aunt, Godmother, the list goes on and on but you to me are one of the most beautiful beings I have ever encountered in my life… And tonight I want to wish you not only a Happy Birthday but I hope you have a long healthy prosperous life…. So that you can keep giving us all your love… No one has ever looked this good at 50 baby…#YouAreTheBaddest …all my love in friendship, Vidal

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