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It seems like yesterday Yvette Mira Talbott and I were growing up together…we have been friends a lifetime and hopefully more good times ahead! We have been through lots together as a community and host of family & friends, I have photographed countless events for the Mira’s …today I want to Celebrate her in a #throwback from her daughter Lauren Victoria’s Wedding… not only did I photograph Lauten Victoria as a baby but also her sisters & Yvette through countless beauty pageants through the years…I have been able to also photograph her engagement and her wedding to Kevin Talbott … Now her beautiful oldest daughter’s wedding… This was captured upstairs in their family home minutes before leaving for the church… Unless people know her, I hope they read this article to the end to know that this is not the Bride… But the Mother of the Bride (and now a Grandmother)… Nobody wears this color better than Yvette in fact green was also the color of her bridesmaids in her wedding… So you see don’t just trust your event to anyone… Trust your event to the photographer who for generations has become a Tradition in Key West and Beyond …Vidal Photography and Wedding Planning…Yvette thank you for making me “Look Good!” “If you dont look good…I don’t look good!”


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