Key West Photographer and Events Planner

Key West Wedding Planner

Have  camera will travel… this beautiful family has been using me for generations… If you don’t have a beautiful portrait like this with your child of when they got married… then maybe you should reconsider hiring the best…Vidal is the number one image maker  Who focuses on getting all of the most important shots at an event so sacred and important as a wedding… there is no forgetting one shot or another shot… families must be engaged in portraits… These beautiful women are direct descendants of the Malgrats of Key West… This portrait was captured at the Belo mansion and Dallas Texas by Vidal…featured is the fresh and lovely Bride Nicole Warren Zamora and her stunning Mother (who could pass for her Sister) Leithia Wyker Zamora…her Mother is none other than the pretty Elisa Valdez who gave me such lovely subjects to capture!  Remember you do have a say and your kids wedding and you can pick who you would want to capture your stunning memories of a lifetime! “If you don’t look good…I don’t look good!”


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