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Community is important to me and your voice should count, but it does not. Soon there will be Elections for Keys Energy for Board of Directors…three seats are coming open.  Keys Energy carries power up to the 7 mile bridge, yet rate payers that live in Key Haven, Stock Island and up to the 7 mile bridge are not allowed to vote!!! Is this fair? This is an outdated law from the 1960’s when it was City Electric…since the 60’s much has changed for the better.  It has bee. Keys Energy and carries power up to the 7 mile bridge…if you are a rate payer…your vote should count yet you are discounted! The solution: We the rate payers all need to contact our State Representative Holly Merrill Roschein…to bring this up to Tallahassee so that we can update this out dated  law… I have sent several emails in the past year and a half to her and her office and obviously its not important enough for them to bring to Tallahassee… I say it’s not fair you don’t have a word in voting for your Board members when you pay for the service!!! I currently sit on two different boards in Key West Florida and I am able to tell all affiliated what is happening with their dollars! You deserve the same consideration! Remember this used to be City Electric, but it has expanded and they do a beautiful job by bringing power all the way up to the 7 mile bridge… Now let’s help to change this law so that your voice can be heard! Contact Holly Merrill Raschein, she is right here on Facebook or her email is… I hope all who read this do their Community service by passing this on to everyone who is not allowed to vote…YOUR VOICE DOES COUNT!


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