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In the tradition of throw back thursday… I bring to you the portrait of Zulema Pradas-Bergnes… This was created in the eighties and inspired by the play Phantom of the Opera opening scene on Broadway.. Scandalous at the time because I won so many awards for it as a Master Lighter… not only in the United States of America but in parts of Europe the human gargoyle brought special interest.. Underneath the table and the lighting that never ever took interest off of the bride… Hence there was no photoshop this was created like a movie scene with real props and real people in real lighting.. This weekend we celebrate the wedding of her son Pablo Pradas-Bergnes to Autumn McManus… The sacred event will take place in the family sanctuary the Basilica of Saint Marys… Wear during the wedding ceremony the beautiful new Amelia will also be baptized… For generations people have trusted Vidal to capture their memories for a lifetime…. For over 35 years continuous learning education, studies and always eager to know the latest techniques Vidal continues to bring people not only fresh new images for a lifetime to come but portraits and photography that are guaranteed not to fade! There will be way too much to post here in one blog so stay tuned for some of the most beautiful images of one of the most beautiful memories to be captured here in Key West… This is what Key West is all  about.. life, blessings and the heart.. Call Vidal to book your family event guaranteed to please generations to come!


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    June 19, 2015 at 3:26 am

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