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"If you don't look good... I don't look good." -Vidal

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Key West Wedding Planner

This is just a small part of my “We” my Possé…my #Peeps…Thank you all for helping to Celebrate my 16th Anniversary!


Key West Wedding Planner

Today is the anniversary of a day that I decided to grab the present that the Lord sent me which was grace and mercy… It has been quite a journey without the use of any mood or mind-altering substances or even cigarettes… my life is so full and complete with even more people to truly love with no strings attached… Just unconditional love… God put all the angels in place here on Earth and together we have walked this journey… I know that my father is smiling from heaven… I gave him many years of peace before he went into the next realm…My Mom still supporting my choice, I never ever thought that a new way of life would work and I figured that I should just end it all… Not realizing that God had a better plan for me… As it is my days are filled with more friends, laughter, growth, and the feeling of worth that is rooted in constructive activity. My faith and, contact with, our God shines more brightly than I dreamed it could. I am free to laugh on my laughter, free to trust and be trusted, free to both give and receive help. I am free from the shame and regret, free to learn and grow and work. I have left that lonely, frightening, painful Express train through hell. I have accepted the gift of a safer, happier journey through life! All the credit goes to GOD!

Key West Wedding Planner

Key West Wedding Planner

Your photographer for life… Whether it’s newborn pictures… Sweet 15… Sweet 16… Head shots… Model shots… Real estate shots… Romantic photos… Wedding photos… Anything to do with life living it in capturing a frozen Moment In Time… Time and time again photographs that last a lifetime or taken by Vidal on a daily basis… Look who graced my little studio today none other than Eloise Watler… a beautiful daughter of Paul and Thuy Watler… this little angel filled my heart and spirit today with delight… I cannot imagine doing anything else with my life and what I have been doing continually with God’s grace for 38 years full time… Thank you for making me look good!

Key West Wedding Planner

Laying our beautiful Conch sister to rest Lisa Gonzalez Monsalvatge…always in our hearts…for her in our thoughts… now you are no more in pain… Rest in peace our beautiful sister and now we are all confident that you have seen the face of God! My condolences to all the family and friends!

Key West Wedding Planner

Laying our beautiful Conch Sister to rest…what a loss in all our hearts and Community! So much love she gave to all of us! May you Rest in Peace beautiful soul…now you are in no more pain … you now have seen the face of God!


Key West WEDDING by Vidal

Thomas Morris & Morg Leto…Official wedding photograph by Vidal… the beautiful ceremony was performed at West Martello Tower hours here in Key West … the absolutely gorgeous reception was at the Blue Room!!! I can’t imagine doing anything more productive and spiritual on a Sunday afternoon… Many many years of health and happiness to you both, lots of love!

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