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Key West Photographer..Wedding Photographer, Event & Wedding Planner, Photographer to Key West for 32 years!

When you care enough to have the very best with the most experience and the Latest trends, Vidal is the answer.   It is a fascinating & moving experience to be graced by the Vidal Experience, always copied but never duplicated…the original that has held Key West’s backbone for Event Planning & Photography for over three (3) decades!!!  Two things you should not skimp on for your Event is the BEST Photographer who not only looks good and can entertain your guests and the man who packs your parachute!!!  LOL … Love you all and thank you for making me the number one photographer in all the Florida Keys, Monroe County & Key West…selected the BEST by the People’s Choice Award!

Vidal is the best Events Coordinator!!!

Vidal is the best Events Coordinator!!!

Wedding Planner, Wedding Photographer, Wedding, Event & Life Photographer to Key West the Florida Keys Monroe County and beyond!

Planning a Wedding or Event is a breeze after 32 years full time experience in the Industry!  From Modeling to Acting, Image consulting and Photography.   Hire someone who has thrown the most lavish parties in Key West for himself, or for marketing on the internet and local newspapers!  You get what you pay for and Vidal is your man because “If you don’t look good… I don’t look good!”   There is no other Vidal is very involved in the Community and makes all your dreams come true effortlessly….so come to the true Professional who will make your Event a Red Carpet Event, big or small…….VIDAL VIDAL VIDAL….OH VIDAL is the one!  305-296-6050

“If you don’t look good … I don’t look good!”

Classic to cutting edge….Vidal Photography, Wedding & Event Planner..Image Maker of Key West!

Timeless and a frozen moment in time …. I loved photographing these Montero Boys…they were not cooperating as I wanted, this is where I learned to let go and just let them be!!!!  Look at these boys and the fun they are having…kids are the best and I have most patience for them .. they just want it to be fun & playtime!!!   Their Mom would always come up with the BEST props and poses….this is from facebook and not a scan from a negative, but the warmth in their skin and that frozen moment in time, captured for generations to come … I love what I do and everyday is a bright and new blessing to not knowing everything but to keep on learning, that willingness to grow.  Tammy Balbontin (China) thanks for the wounderful memories!  “If you don’t look good…Idon’t look good!”

Photographer, Model, Actor, Wedding & Event Planner … marketing, promotions, image consulting, healthy lifestyle for Key West!!!

One name says it all VIDAL…it is truly an experience that you should not miss!  For over 3 decades Vidal has brought the the finest quality in photography and presentation…please see our site at and see why all those clients keep coming back for generations!  No job is too big or too small….call today 305-296-6050 for your personalized consultation…there is only one man with one name to bring you your dreams that do come through! “If you don’t look good … I don’t look good!”

Vidal Model/Actor/Photographer Wedding & Event Planner to Key West and the Florida Keys!

Join  it’s a world of positive quotes, a healthy lifestyle, pointers on Weddings & Events, lifestyle changes and body imaging!   How many photographers can really bring you this?  In order to “Look Good” you must be a power of example and know how to model and created dreams to come true!  Vidal is a total experience that should not be missed!  Remember “If you don’t look good … I don’t look good!”

Vidal of Key West travels the globe to bring Monroe County the best in Weddings & Events

It has been an incredible journey so far…this February makes 33 years that I have been a full time photographer, Wedding & Event Planner!  I capture frozen moments for a lifetime!  I feel that my talents are all God given and my experience is time…Things I Must Earn!  I have earned the integrity to suit up and show up dressed accordingly and treating you as you were the only Bride or Client I have ever had!  From Grand Balls to Masquerade Parties from Wedding and Conventions to Studio of Key West Photos…You will honestly look and feel you BEST!  I have generations on people who return year after year after decade, this warms my heart!  This photo of Leithia Mae Warren was captured right outside of Paris France by me Vidal, yupp LOL!   This was a sunday and most places were closed, so I opted to do the Bride’s hair and make-up myself….I found a small roadside floral market and the lady and I had to discuss the fact that I wanted to buy the pink flowers that were wilted on the edges…she refused to sell them to me, so I charmed her and she gave them to me…I told her that they would photograph with charm and grace and add to the Marie Antoinette-look that I wanted to achieve…she gave them to me!   For generations I have photographed this beautiful family and today I wanted to share this very regal and powerful image that I created of the Bride!  For photographs that will fill your heart for generations to come, I can help you live your dreams and make them come true!  Remember “If you don’t look good…I don’t look good!”

Vidal Photographer, Model, IMage Maker Wedding & Event Planner to Key West the Florida Keys, New York here I come!

Gearing up for New York city the Big Apple…and New Jersey the Garden State..have camera will travel…for 32 years I have been bringing the world creativity and photography at it’s best!  Start gearing up now for the MOST flawless photography for the Senior Class of 2013 .. now accepting appointments…”If you don’t look good … I don’t look good!”   Hire the man who not only looks good but coordinates you for you shoot or event from head to toe to be the best you can be!  It is the Vidal experience and you should not miss it!  Thanks Key West and the world for making me so happy in my career…32 years in the Industry and growing.  Attention all people needing new headshots..NOW is the time…let Vidal do his magic to make you look your best!

Photographer to Key West, thr Florida Keys & beyond, Event & Wedding Planner

“Don’t let your past dictate your future but allow it to be part of who you will become.”

Photographer to Key West, Event & Wedding Planner, Image Consultant!

When you choose Vidal you choose Life!  Vidal is the only one stop for all your Wedding & Event needs … everything your need to look good and have your memories captured for a lifetime, period! “If you don’t look good … I don’t look good!”

Photographer, Events & Wedding Planner treating you VIP in Key West or on location!

From Small Key West Beach Weddings to huge Las Vegas styled Events…Vidal is you man…pick the man who treats you VIP…who dresses well for your Event and has personality to really do the job and do it well!  Anyone can click the camera, but VIDAL will work with you to help you make your dreams come true and capture them for a lifetime!  “If you don’t look good … I don’t look good!”

Photographer for 32 years to Key West and beyond…Wedding & Event Planner for Conventions and the Florida Keys & Monroe County!

My life is a one blessing after the other … so many wounderful people just woven into the fabric of my soul!  This lovely Joanne Cobo to me always and forever has been in my life forever …I watched her grow up to become a beautiful young lady, mother, wife and Attorney!   When ever I see her I just light up because she is one of those people who truly loves and includes me in all her parties and such!  A coupe of years ago she commissioned me to go to Miami and capture her Italian Masked Ball!  I love you girl and thanks for the memories and making me “Look Good!”  P.S. damn we should do a Pepsodent Commercial!!!!

Wedding, Photographer and Event Planner to Key West the Florida Keys from Obama to the Spottswoods..Vidal is your man!

From small beach Weddings to Dinner in the White House…hire them man who is socially acceptable and can please your crowd!

Weddings, Photographer and Event Planner, Image Maker and creator of dreams that do come true to Key West & beyond!

There is an art a true gift of how we treat others!  This is all day long from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep!  I always ask God to direct by actions and even my thoughts .. I treat others fairly and especially in business and everday affairs like driving and going to the grocery store!  Life is short so I enjoy the journey, helping people to create memories for a lifetime!  Do I do other people’s inventory, absolutely … this is where I decide what I like and don’t like, I do not do it in a negative fashion but if I don’t like the way you treat others and constantly talk down to them with no manners and short tempered, well I will probably say something to God like “OUCH” release me from the bondage of self!   You see if I claim it I got it …. or somewhere along the way I have been that way, I try each day to be a better me … say what you mean, mean what you say but don’t say it mean!  Choose LIFE today and remember that it is all in the journey.   Do three nice deeds today and don’t repeat them, let three people cut in traffic and try not to get so serious …I love you guys for reading and I hope my little suggestions not only help you to be a better you, but that you hire the BEST to make all your dreams come true!

Weddings Event Planner to Key West, Monroe County and the Florida Keys …. Vidal goes beyond !!!!!

Weddings, Weddings and more Weddings! Photograhpher to Key West the Florida Keys and beyond, let Vidal plan your Event!

Whatever the Event VIDAL will not only plan it but photograph it for you!   Vidal has over 32 years experience and a long impressive line of clients … see  ..Why choose Vidal, because “If you don’t look good .. I don’t look good!”

Wedding Photographer, Wedding Planner, Events and Photographer for LIFE!

Presentation is all about how I show up to your event and treat your group with fun & dignity!!!  Capturing your shots in a good healthy environment while I also a dressed appropriate for the event!  Anyone can just snap photos … to work with me is an adventure and experience you do not want to miss!  I not only promise you to make your dreams come true, but your images will have great skin tones and everyone will “Look Good”  Vidal is my families name but I have molded it into a name that reminds you photography, events, weddings …. Image consulting and Model Management!   Anything to make you look and feel your best…Vidal that’s me the name who has created himself to be one name!  “If you don’t look good … I don’t look good!”

Wedding & Event Planner, Photographer, Model, Actor and Image Maker of Legends!

What makes a Legend most?  Well be true to your craft, treat people with kindness & dignity, keep up with the latest technology and techniques … this was shot about two months ago in Virginia Beach with two of the World’s Most Living Legends…Jennifer Warner  & Vidal …. in front of the camera or in the scene lurking (as a Hitchcock Film) Vidal likes to push the envelope with style & flair but keeps you woundering!!!  Here Vidal adorns his Family Jewels with Jennifer Warner’s crown jewels … why you ask?  To show that not all Photographers can do this …. because “If you don’t look good…I don’t look good!”  Jennifer and Vidal have never looked better and prove that they are both “Survivors”  … I am blessed to work with some of the BEST in the Industry, Jennifer keeps Vidal always thinking ahead and standing out from the crowd!  For the MOST creative Photography anywhere…Vidal International

Vidal Wedding Photographer for people and life…Events Planner with style & flair!!!!!

Tomorrow Monday at 12 noon Vidal International Key West’s original Event Planner & Photographer, Model, Actor for 32 years will be interviewed on Channel 19 by Jenna Stauffer..I am so honored and excited to grace their TV station … hopefully they will give me the footage to put on facebook for all my loyal fans!  Life is so good I am expanding to carry an on-line boutique for clothing that I endorse!  With Weddings all year long not only to I plan the Event but I photograph it with love and patience!  The locals keep me going as well with Senior Class of Key West High School photographs and Marathon & Key Largo as well … not all people are loyal, some people look for cheap…..sorry I am not cheap…my work is priceless and will last for years to come!  As a generations Photographer I pride myself in knowing and loving all my clients!   Being a Model myself I also am a ModelManager for locals and our beautiful youth!  It is my experience that Key West produces some of the most talented and beautiful people around!  So when I say “If you don’t look good … I don’t look good!”  I mean that look at how I show up t o your event and your shoot … I walk the walk and try to look good so I can feel good on a daily basis, for this I am blessed!

Vidal Wedding Event Photographet and Planner!

The Bride & Groom at the altar right now…here in Plantation Florida



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